Office Coffee Solutions

The premier Domestic, Home and Office Coffee Machine specialist in Australia, Coffee Shrine are the first choice for tailoring a home or office coffee package to suit the needs of your work place.

At Coffee Shrine we belive that a Home or Office Coffee Solution is more than just selling coffee machines.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of:

Choosing the most suitable Domestic, Home or Office Coffee Machine or Coffee Vending Machine for your home or workplace,
Selecting your choice of Coffee, Coffee Consumables and Supplies,
Arranging Equipment Finance if require (Purchase, Lease, Rent-Try-Buy or Pay-Per-Cup),
Coordinating Instalation, including plumbing, electrical and water filter installation if required,
Installation and Training your staff in the use, cleaning and daily maintenance requirements of the chosen solution, and
Providing on-going service and support for you and your Coffee solution

Contact our office to inquire about stylish and functional super automatic, fully automatic, traditional or vending style coffee machines, some of our premium manufacturers includeSaeco, Isomac, Gaggia, HLF, Wega, La San Marco, La Marzoccao and N&W Vending.

With a large range of coffee, consumables and supplies, our Office Coffee Solutions include:

Coffee: Fresh Bean Coffee, Powdered Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee
Hot Beverages: Tea, Chai, Soups, Hot Chocolate
Catering Supplies: Takeaway Cups, Plastic lids, Stirrers, Sugar, Sugar Sticks.
Our customers include the who’s who or Australian business from the largest multinationals to small offices or domestic our Coffee machine solutions can be found in home kitchens, offices, boardrooms, showrooms, waiting areas, staff canteens, hotels and clubs in Perth, Sydney. Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Canberra.

Our coin operated coffee vending solutions provide fantastic fund raising opportunities for social clubs, while rewarding staff and guests with cafe style coffee without having to leave the office.

Coffee Shrine also offer a complete range of finance solutions to suit your organisations requirements: buy, rent, rent-try-buy, lease or pay per cup. Invest in your staff, guests and customers¦. and enjoy the benefits of happy and productive associates.

Coffee Shrine make finding your office beverage solution effortless. Call us today on 1300 722 430 to arrange a no obligation consultation. Contact us or simply use our Office Coffee Machine Express Enquiry Form to request information on the best office coffee machine solution for your workplace or home.


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