Office Coffee Machines reward your staff and customers with superb tasting fresh espresso coffee drinks and speciality hot beverages at the touch of the button. Australian’s have become sophisticated coffee drinkers and the benefits of providing your staff and customers quality and choice in their office coffee has been well recognised by many leading companies.

Office Coffee machine capacity (usage) is usually divided into three criteria.

  • Light volume – serving between to 30-80 cups a day
  • Medium volume – serving 100-200 cups a day
  • High volume – serving 250+ cups a day

Milk Options

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing an office Coffee Machine is whether to go for a model with a Fresh or Powdered Milk.

While some office coffee machine models are strictly powdered milk only, many models have the option of an ‘add on’ fresh milk unit. More expensive models may even the fully automatic milk frother built into the coffee machine – which is also refrigerated to keep the milk cool.

Powder, Granulated or Freeze Dried Milk which is stored in a canister inside your office coffee machine have come a long way in recent years and may suite those who do not want the inconvenience or additional upfront and ongoing cost of fresh milk – although this is some trade off with sacrificing overall drink quality.


Office Coffee Machines may include options for both additional bean hoppers and additional powder canisters. This gives extra capacity for busy periods, the option of a decaffeinated coffee as well as offering specialty drinks such as flavoured coffees, hot chocolate and chai.


Different Office Coffee Machines will have differing numbers of pre-programmed selections. The more sophisticated the machine the more drink style and cup size selections are available.


When choosing your Office Coffee Machine it is important to buy from a reputable supplier and choose a model from a recognised manufacture such as HLF, La San Marco,N&W, Wega,or  Saeco. This will ensure that your purchase is well supported with warranty, servicing and parts for many years.

Equipment Finance

Coffee Shrine offers a complete range of coffee machine finance options to ensure the purchase of your office coffee solutions meets the cash flow requirements of your business. This includes pay per cup, rent-try-buy, lease or outright purchase.

Coffee Shrine are Office Coffee Machine Specialists. Our easy to use machine feature comparison function and advanced feature search make is easy to compare different machines.

Of course, our staff would love to hear from you if you would like advise or assistance on the best office coffee machine options for your workplace – contact us  or for more on our Office Coffee Solutions click here

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