Saeco Royal Cappuccino superseded by Saeco Aulika Focus

Saeco Royal Cappuccino superseded

The ever popular Saeco Royal Cappuccino has been upgraded, rejuvenated is now easier to use and renamed the Saeco Aulika Focus.

What remains unchanged is the extremely solid performance and the generous hoppers for beans, water and coffee grounds.

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Apart from the aesthetics, the 2 machines are very similar.

Large water tank and coffee bean holder

The Saeco Royal Cappuccino had a twin boiler, 2.4 litre internal water tank and a bean hopper capacity of 300-350g.

The Royal Cappuccino made a cup of coffee in 2 steps eg. you press a button for the delivery of coffee and then you would have to move the cup and press another button for the delivery of milk.

The Saeco Aulika Focus has a 2.4 litre internal water tank and a bean hopper capacity of 300-350g.

The machine holds sufficient coffee beans and water to make approx. 20 cups before refilling (actual amount will depend on strength and type of coffees produced).

Saeco Aulika Focus is a one-step coffee maker

The greatest improvement is the Saeco Aulika Focus makes a cup of coffee in 1 step. (no need to move the cup)

Both machines have an automatic milk frother plus a steam wand so you can either have the milk frothed automatically or if preferred, the milk can be heated and frothed manually. The steam wand on the Saeco Aulika Focus is slightly shorter than on the Saeco Royal Cappuccino.

Daily cleaning mainly automatic

Daily cleaning for the Saeco Aulika Focus is carried out via the programmed machine maintenance function and is mainly automatic requiring minimal input from the operator, eg. placing the milk pickup in a detergent solution, providing rinse water etc. 3-5 minutes per day is all that is needed to keep the machine in top operating condition.

Saeco Aulika Focus – A modern classic coffee machine

As was its predecessor the Aulika Focus is destined to become a modern classic.

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 Read more details on the Saeco Aulika Focus

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