Saeco Rubino Instant Milk


A completely automatic and space saving machine the Saeco Rubino is stylish and compact that is perfect for offices and small locations.



The Saeco Rubino 200 is a completely automatic, compact and space-saving table-top vending machine with design and technical performance at the top of the range. The Rubino is the stylish choice as far as vending systems go. The Rubino is an excellent office coffee machine option for the medium sized workplace

Offering its users a selection of 8 different beverage choices using fresh coffee beans, the machine holds up to 195 cups. The system is smooth, professional and above all easy!

The Saeco Rubino also has the option to take payments for all those workplaces that do require the facility. It can be supplied with a cabinet , available in different versions, giving this machine the versatility for payment systems to be used. Whether you would prefer to plumb the machine into your water supply or use the water tanks, the choice is yours!
Connection to mains or conversion to tanks this machine is easy to use, easy to maintain that is a perfect office solution.

This is a commercial grade machine that will surely impress your staff and customers.


Main features

  • Automatically dispenses cups (up to 195), sugar and stirrers
  • Saeco Brewing Unit: top quality espresso, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 6 gr to 9 gr adjustable doser
  • Updated water circuit
  • Standard CPU for the whole range
  • Customisable settings
  • High safety for customer and operator

Replacement Filter: Brita C150 Water Filter for Coffee & Vending Machines

Water Filter Kit: C150 Water Filter Kit with PLV for Coffee Machines

For more information or if you would like to find out how to lease this coffee machine please contact us

Additional information

Weight46 kg

Machine, Machine and Water Filter

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