Pour On Coffee Brewer Decanter Jug 1.7litre

The 1.7litre glass coffee brewing jug decanter is compatible with all major pour over filter coffee brewing equipment brands.

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The 1.7 litre Cona replacement pour over glass coffee jug decanter is a 1.7 litre capacity commercial grade glass coffee maker jug decanter suitable for catering applications. The jug decanter features a ultra strong tempered glass base, no spill pouring spout and heat resistant handle and is compatible with all major dripolator or filter coffee maker brands.

Perfect Tea Too!

The Cona Pour-On system can easily provide superb tea as well! Substitute tea leaf – or tea bags -in the filter, in place of the coffee, and you will obtain the perfect cuppa! And because the leaf is filtered out of the beverage it remains hot on the warmers without stewing.

Since it’s introduction over 30 years ago, the Cona Pour-On coffee makers have been a resounding success with caterers and offices around the world.



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