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Gaggia Babila


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One-Touch Cappuccino and Latte

For an irresistible, creamy foam consistency, the
integrated milk carafe froths the milk twice, removing
bubbles and impurities. At one press of a button, a
splash-free flow of velvety foam pours straight into
your cup at a comfortable temperature. Thanks to the
powerful double boiler, it can steam for milk frothing
and brew espresso immediately after for perfectly hot
drinks without the wait.


Once you’ve chosen your ideal strength from the 5
different settings, you can easily save it with the Memo
Function, as well your desired length and temperature.
Then every cup in the future will be customised exactly
to your taste. You’ll never have to remind it again, unlike
the local barista.


Maintaining high hygiene has never been this easy.
Thanks to the Steam Cleaning Cycle, the frothing
mechanism will be automatically cleaned, removing
milk residues without the need to empty the carafe.
The hygienic performance is certified by the
independent German test institute, VDE.


Sometimes it’s nice to have the option of a full-bodied,
delicious coffee, without the caffeine kick. Thanks to
the Powder Option you can make decaffeinated coffee
whenever you please.


An elegant vision of pure design, this machine looks
as refined as the coffee it makes. The stainless steel
front, inspired by Italian design and craftsmanship will
stand the test of time in a classic or modern kitchen.
Add to this its intuitive design features, and it becomes
a richly fulfilling coffee experience.


From, espresso to frothed milk, there is an assortment
of options waiting to satisfy your coffee cravings.
Whether it’s first thing in the morning or an after dinner
treat, there’s a taste for any time of the day, right at
your fingertips.


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Gaggia Babila makes espresso, keeping with the finest Italian tradition in just a few seconds directly from freshly ground coffee beans, cup after cup, with the simple press of a button. Thanks to the new integrated milk carafe you can make cappuccino, frothed milk, Caffè macchiato and much more just like a professional barista.

More than 80 years of Gaggia experience have gone into delivering you a truly unparalleled coffee break.

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