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Carimali Armonia Cleaning Bundle

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The Carimali Armonia Cleaning Bundle has been specifically assembled to include the products you require to maintain your Carimali Armonia Coffee Machine.

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It is recommended that the S15 cleaning tablets be used for the cleaning of Carimali Armonia Coffee Machines. The Cafetto S15 cleaning tablets provide targeted dissolution times and exceptional cleaning for selected super automatic espresso machines.

It is also recommended that a Milk line Cleaner be used on all Fresh Milk Coffee Machines to remove fat, protein and scale build up from milk lines, frothers and parts on automatic espresso machines.

The Carimali Armonia Cleaning Bundle includes:

Cafetto S15 Tablets are designed to safely and completely remove coffee oils and residues from the brewing group of selected super-automatic espresso machines.

Daily Milk Line Cleaners are alkaline and are designed to remove fat and protein residues from the lines. They also contain sequestrates to remove scale, but sometimes the scale level can start to build up so a weekly product is then used in conjunction.

Weekly Milk Line Cleaners are acidic and their main function is to remove scale so we would not recommend they be used for daily use as protein and fat levels may start to increase.Cleaning Brush for dusting coffee grounds and powder products inside the machine

Automatic Coffee Machine Cleaning Brush for dusting coffee grounds and powder products inside the machine

Micro Cleaning Cloths for dusting and wiping the exterior of the coffee machine.

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