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Carimali Armonia Cleaning Bundle

$118.37 $102.39

The Carimali Armonia Cleaning Bundle has been specifically assembled to include the products you require to maintain your Carimali Armonia Coffee Machine.

Coffee & Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets Cafetto S15 100 Pack

The Cafetto S15 Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets are designed to safely and effectively remove coffee oils and residues from Automatic Coffee Machines in a convenient 100 tablet conatiner.

$27.50 $23.79

Daily MFC Milk Frother Cleaner 1 litre Chamber Bottle × 2

Cafetto Daily MFC Milk Frother Sanitising Cleaner is specially designed for daily use in removing milk residue from milk lines, frothers, and steam arms on fully automatic espresso machines and milk jugs.

$27.99 $24.21 / pc.

Cafetto Weekly Milk Frother Cleaner 1 litre Chamber Bottle

Cafetto Weekly MFC Milk Frother Cleaner descales and cleans automatic milk frothers on espresso machines.Designed for use in hard water areass, this liquid cleaner is used weekly in conjunction with Cafetto Daily Milk Frother Cleaner.

$27.99 $24.21

Automatic Coffee Machine Cleaning Brush

The Automatic Coffee Machine Cleaning Brush is a soft bristle cleaning brush with long bristles and handle designed specifically for removing coffee grounds from hard to reach spaces on all makes and models of automatic coffee machines.

$6.90 $5.97

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