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C150 Water Filter Kit with PLV

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This kit allows for easy installation to a 1/2″ male tap – making for quick machine installations. It has a 350KPA PLV, 1.5 metres of flexible high pressure poly hose, Purity C150 filter and head assembly. The outlet of the head is 3/8 male and fits most braided hoses provided standard with most cafe style machines.

It also comes with 3 meters of flexible high pressure poly hose and a 3/4″ tap adaptor to fit most home and office vending coffee machines.

Brita Professional Four filtration stages

  • Pre-filtration removes coarse particles
  • Carbonate hardness reduction an ion exchanger reduces the carbonate hardness content and prevents scale deposits
  • Activated carbon filtration substances that can impair taste and odour are eliminated
  • Fine filtration retains particles measuring up to 10 µm

Variable head by-pass settings to suit water conditions.

Filter and head measure 42cm long


The Brita Water filter cartridge reduces the build up of scale in your coffee machine, thereby extending its life.

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Weight 3.25 kg

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