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Benchtop Organiser Snap Bin Dividers

Dividers for the Benchtop Organiser Snap Bin help keep your coffee station clean, organised and well presented.


Keep your coffee station clean, organised and well presented with one of our snap bin bench top organisers for your office coffee supplies.

This stylish accessory is the perfect accompaniment to your office coffee machine. Configure your own design to suit all your needs.

Our bench top organisers are available in the following sizes:

  • Snap Bin 8″ cups/lids
  • Snap Bin 5″ cups/lids
  • Snap Bin 5″ napkin/cups/lids
  • Snap Bin 3″ sugar/stirrers
  • Snap Bin: Divider 3″
  • Snap Bin: Divider 5

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