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Arkadia Premium Drinking Hot Chocolate 440g

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Arkadia 440g premium drinking chocolate is luxuriously rich and decadent hot beverage alternative.


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Arkadia premium drinking chocolate is luxuriously rich and decadent. The Arkadia drinking chocolate is made with real chocolate creating a lingering chocolatey taste that no cocoa powder can match. Velvety smooth, an exceptional experience for the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs. Easy to prepare just add hot milk!

Create your own sense of when trying this delicious drink. Find below some of the recipes we have discovered but remember dusting the Arkadia Drinking Chocolate over your cappuccino or favourite dessert for effect will take your taste buds to the next level.

Hazelnut Mochachino

1. Place 20g of Arkadia Chocolate powder into a latte glass
2. Pour a shot of espresso coffee
3. Add 50mls of hazelnut syrup and mix
4. Fill with foamed milk

Liquor Drinking Chocolate

1. Make a cup of hot chocolate using Arkadia Drinking Chocolate
2. Add a shot of favourite liquor
3. Stir and enjoy

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