Coffee Shrine Financing Solutions

At Coffee Shrine we know all businesses are different so we have assembled Australia’s most comprehensive range of finance solutions which means that we have the perfect solution for your company.

With our corporate finance solutions you have the following options when purchasing your Office Coffee System:


Buy and own the machine outright with no more to pay

Coffee Machine Lease

Coffee Shrine’s Coffee Equipment Lease is a quick and easy leasing solution which delivers 100% leasing finance for amounts as low as $900.Terms can be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years (conditions apply). The longer the term, the lower the monthly payment and the lower the residual. At the end of the term you choose to pay the residual amount and keep the equipment or not to pay the residual amount and simply return the goods in good working condition.

Coffee Machine Rental or Rent-Try-Buy

Coffee Shrine’s Coffee Equipment Rentals include a range of packages that provides your commercial coffee equipment for a agreed period of time at an agreed monthly rental. At the end of the rental period you have the option of purchasing the equipment or simply handing it back.

Pay Per Cup

You only pay for the coffee you use. Coffee Shrine will install the most suitable machine for your requirements, with no lease, contracts or upfront costs. We will provide you with all the cups, coffee, sugar, spoons and consumables that are required and bill you based on the number of coffees consumed.

This option is currently unavailable.

Coffee Shrine Financing Solutions Comparison

Buy Lease Rent-Try-Buy Pay Per Cup
Upfront Cost 100% of cost of the machine 1 Month rent 1 Month Rent plus Establishment Costs plus Refundable Security Deposit N/A
Monthly Cash flow Only Cost of Consumables Monthly lease plus Cost of Consumables Monthly Rent plus Cost of Consumables N/A
Total Cost Of Ownership Cheapest Total Cost Cheaper than Renting or Pay Per Cup, More Expensive than Outright Purchase Cheaper than Pay Per Cup, More Expensive than Outright Purchase N/A
Ownership at end of Period You Own Machine You can own machine if you pay a residual amount or you can simply hand back the machine You hand machine back at the end of rental or you can purchase the machine outright and receive a discount off the interest paid N/A

Coffee Shrine Make it Easy

Let our experienced staff take the hassle out of your Commercial Coffee Machine purchase. No matter what your choice of financing option, Coffee Shrine will do all of the leg work for you – which means you can get on with the business of running your business.
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